Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle 2014-The Best Of Them All

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle 2014 is called the leader of the pack! Why? That is what I am going to explain. This equipment is an Award winning machine and one of the most recommendable spinning bike of all times. It is a highly innovated machine compared to its predecessors and contemporaries.

It is an advanced machine with technology that can hardly be found in other stationary bikes. I know I am doing this review for you and not for me, to help people like you that have interest in equipment such as this to find it. I have to review this equipment! I told myself the moment I saw it, because there are individuals interested in something more, other than the ‘usual’ spin bike. And so I picked this one.

It took the company a meticulous research and studies for almost 10 years to come up with this model, such that, it is almost maintenance free. And this would have saved you the time and money you should be wasting on maintenance.

And more importantly, Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycling 2014 has delivered all that it was designed to deliver, in terms of performance and giving results. And users have attested to that. There are also claims that they have lost a significant amount of weight within a relative short period of time. I believe this is the most prized equipment of this company.

At first I thought the cost was a little bit pricey, but after having a complete look over, I discovered it might just worth every penny after all. The reason, you will soon find out in this review.

What Is The Machine Like?

First thing first, when you take a look at this unique spin bike, one would think it was keiser_1-min[1]made… or let me rephrase, was carved out of an aluminum block! Yes, as though it was just literally carved out of an aluminum. It has a stable and sturdy look/appearance. One might be correct to call it a bullet proof, OK, maybe not quite, but I am just struggling with words that can fit the description of this stuff. With its sleek and smooth looking texture, so does the performance while being used for a workout. SLEEK and SMOOTH.

Now, why is it different from other bikes? The reason is simple, like I said earlier it took the the company about 10 good years to perfect the model of this equipment, thereby making sure it has the durability and longevity on the parts and the frame, something that could not be said concerning other bikes. It will surely save you the money and time, and that is why I think that the price is not too costly.

How about its performance? There is one exceptional functionality it has, which is absent in other bikes. Exercising with Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycling 2014 will help you lose that extra fat fast, if you are the type that is looking forward to losing weight. It has this special resistance levels that make your workout to end up with positive result. However, that is depending on your commitment and stamina; how much you put in, in your workouts. You could lose around 1000 calories per day; BUT that is depending on how much time and commitment you are putting in your workout. Sure, you can’t beat that result, no other bike will.

Its design is such that,it’s outstanding and would most definitely be loved by professionals and amateurs as well.

Here is the beauty of Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycling 2014. It has magnetic resistance system called the 24-gear Eddy current magnetic resistance. The function of this system is to pull all the major muscle parts of the body to be actively involved in the workout! Can you beat that? In other words, working out with this equipment ensures that the whole body system is involved and impacted positively. Good for lower and upper body exercises.

Because of this singular function, it enables you to burn more fat per a given time than any other spin bike would. It has the ability of giving you the feel of a real out door cycling bike too. It is equipped with a drive belt that produces a smooth, quiet and natural glide, thereby also giving you the opportunity of enjoying your most favorite music, show, or even movie while working out.

Let’s See The Other Features/Pros

  • In built computer with LCD display-This tracks the time, distance covered, calories burned, heart rate, and power output.
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Calibrated Magnetic Resistance system
  • Smooth, whisper quiet drive belt that can even enable you to use it in your living room without having the rest of the family disturbed.
  • A wonderful adjustable combo pedals
  • Backlit M series Display
  • 4-way adjustable seat.
  • Has water bottle holder
  • Transport wheels for easy move about.
  • Dimension: 44.5′ x 25.75′ x 48.25′
  • Supports 300 pounds capacity
  • Weighs about 125 pounds


I do not really have any down side to this equipment because of its good quality. However, there was a user that complained of getting the delivery in a bad shape (bent frame), which he requested for a replacement and was replaced. Upon getting the replacement, during the assembly, he discovered that the ‘gear lever’ was crushed and has a clunking noise while pedaling, which he also reported to the company and replacement parts was delivered.

Though, this is an isolated complaint; as this is the only negative review there is amidst many positive reviews.


I stopped featuring prices because, sometimes they do change. Therefore find out the price at the cheapest place;


Keiser M3 Plus Indoor 2014 could be pricey for some people. But that is an exchange to keiser_2-min[1]what? An exchange to a durable, unparalleled reliability and sleek design that will give you all the comfort and positive workout result that is hardly obtainable from any other spinning bike.

It is truly something different from the conventional spinning bike s we have around. If you are a person with a special taste and has the ability to afford it, I will definitely suggest you pick yours HERE! But if you are looking for something else that will still give a good result without all the extra technological features and still affordable, then click HERE.

I really do believe I have been able to provide you with enough information to help you make your decision on this equipment.

If you have any experience with this equipment or have a question of some sort, please, do not hesitate to drop your comment at the comment box below.

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  1. The Keizer M3 plus indoor cycle looks outstanding. I can see that sitting in my living room right now, looks very well made and useful.

  2. Great Info man, I actually just finished building my home gym. The Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle 2014 could’ve been a great addition. I wish I would have seen your site a few months ago. I’ll be sure to save and bookmark it for the future….

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