1. Debra

    I always wonder about those infomercials and how good the product actually is. Just because their is a “notorious” name affiliated with it doesn’t mean its going to hold up to good standards. Unfortunately the reputation of the poor past will also reflect on him and his choice to back this machine.

    Thanks for the info.

    • Hello Debra,

      Well I think in every thing there are downsides that is associated with it. For Total Gym XLS, I think it is a smart move by having Chuck Norris endorse it. However, what they claim that the machine could do; most are true, but not all.

  2. Thanks for the review. I have seen the commercials with Chuck Norris for years, but haven’t really looked online for it until now. Does it give the results they promise?

    • Hello Raph,

      Yes it does give the results except it is not your typical muscle building equipment. It can only tone the muscle build a ‘hard core’ one. It is perfect for cardio.

  3. Damien

    Thanks for sharing what you know of the total gym XIS. Overall the expense isn’t the worst. my previous workout gym creeeeks so badly it’s cringing. Although, if I were to decide on a machine. What would you recommend more for building muscle mass over tone?

    • Thank you Damien. As to your question; building muscle you need a core strength training, therefore you would be needing barbells, dumbbells, pulley station, power tower for pull ups, sit ups, tricep dips and more. With these equipment, you will be on top of your game of building muscle

  4. Jim

    It’s amazing that Chuck Norris is 75 and still looks great from using the Total Gym.

    • Well if you say so Jim. But when did they invent the Total Gym XLS; is it up to 30 years? The thing is that, Chuck Norris has always been affiliated with Total Gym and maybe has also been using their products.

      That said, Total Gym XLS is a great equipment, no doubt about it, only that they should improve on the quality.

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