Reebok Jet 300 Treadmill Review

Reebok Jet 300 Treadmill Review

Recently I reviewed Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill but the Reebok Jet 300 Treadmill obviously is going to be the upgrade. From what I could gather concerning the Reebok Treadmill is the fact that they are durable, have good features depending on the level and sure the price is reasonable as well. I will take the time to look at what makes Jet 300 different from Jet 100 and reasons why you may consider purchasing this unit.

Before getting into the general features of Reebok Jet 300 Treadmill I would like to give you an overview differences between these two treadmills. Reebok Jet 300 Treadmill has few inches added to it running surface, that is to say, it has a little bit bigger running surface than the Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill. It has about 29 preset programs against 24 preset programs that the Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill has. Its maximum speed is about 12.4 MPH against 10 MPH for the Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill. This unit supports 300 pounds maximum user weight while the Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill supports 240 pounds, its motor is 2.5 HP against 2 HP for the Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill, it has 15 levels of incline against 12 that the Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill has and finally this unit has bigger console of 5.5 inches while the Reebok Jet 100 has 3.5 inches.

I will leave a comparative table down below to help you understand the differences in features better. That being said, let’s have an overview of the features and pros of the Reebok Jet 300 Treadmill.

Features/Pros Overview

  • This unit has air motion technology which offers an effective cushioning that reduces the harsh effect on the knees, ankles, feet, and back during a workout session.Reebok Jet 300 Treadmill Review
  • It has got a bigger motor of 2.5 HP which runs up to 12.4 mph maximum speed. This will surely be an added value for a user that loves running.
  • It has got a sizeable and beautiful console that displays important feedback with absolute clarity such as the incline level, pulse, calories, time, speed, distance, and program selected.Reebok Jet 300 Treadmill Review
  • It has 15 levels of electronic incline that offer different workout experience including workouts that challenges you to build up your endurance base and burn more fat that could make you achieve physical fitness goal quickly.
  • It has got a soft touch handlebars and hand pulse sensors for heart rate monitoring.
  • It has 29 preset programs that would keep you motivated including body fat analysis.
  • It has a running surface of 59’’ x 20’’ an improved size over the Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill.
  • Its hydraulic soft-drop mechanism allows you to safely and easily fold or unfold theReebok Jet 300 Treadmill Review unit for storage. This also allows users with a small apartment to keep one this at home.
  • For hydration purposes, Reebok also deems it necessary to include not one but two water bottle holders to keep water handy during a workout, very important.
  • You will also be entertained by the MP3 compatible media hub with USB port and integrated loudspeaker. This makes workout easier because the music kind of takes away the strain of workout during a workout session.
  • It is integrated with an adjustable cooling fan that would keep you cool throughout the workout session.
  • Its transport wheels make movement around the room a lot easier
  • Its floor level adjustment ensures that your unit is stable
  • It also has a smart device holder
 Jet 100Jet 300
Motor Size2 HP2.5 HP
Max Speed10 MPH12.4 MPH
Incline Levels1215
Running Deck Size51 x 17 Inches59 x 20 Inches
Preset Programs2429
Media Hub with USB PortYesYes
Cooling FanYesYes
Transport WheelsYesYes
Folds for Easy StorageYesYes
Max Weight Capacity240 Lbs300 Lbs

Products from

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  • It still baffles me why they did not include an HR chest strap. This would have been great but unfortunately, it doesn’t have it maybe it still has to do with its price because you will hardly find any treadmill in this price range with the resource.
  • The cooling fan happens to be weak, a mediocre, at least so says a user that bought it.


  • Lifetime on frame
  • 10 years on motor
  • 2 years on parts and labor
  • It weighs about 192 pounds

Product Dimensions-Folded

  • 49’’ Length
  • 34’’ Width
  • 64’’ Height


  • 5’’ Length
  • 34’’ Width
  • 5 Height

Shipping and Assembly

Shipping cost of this unit is usually free if you are purchasing from the Amazon, but this may not be the case with other retailers because that could incur extra cost.

As for assembly, I know that it is shipped with about 90% of its parts pre-assembled therefore it will not take a time to set up. It also comes with an instruction manual that would walk you through the process of the assembly.


The Reebok Jet 300 Treadmill without any doubt holds its own. It has got enhanced and upgraded features when compared to its predecessor the Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill. However, some have the opinion that the differences between these two treadmills are not significant but I say it all depends on what you the user is looking for. If after going through this review and you liked the features on this unit and you are willing to pay the extra cost then is all good. But if I may suggest, you should look up the Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill if you think you don’t need the additional features. However, it will be necessary to consider this one if you will be using the treadmill a little bit more often because of the size of its motor.

Overall, this is a good treadmill that is recommendable except that it is not perfect.

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