Ab Exercises After C-Section-Getting Back Your Flat Stomach

Ab exercise after c-section is something women that have undergone the procedure should consider. Nevertheless, strollerthese exercises must be done after a medical clearance from the Doctor.

Ordinarily, it takes longer time for women that delivered through major operations to recover than the ones that delivered through vaginal delivery.

The good news is that women that put to bed through c-section can exercise to get back their desired ‘flat stomach’. There are series of exercises that have proven effective including a muscle toning and fat burning exercises.

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How Do I Start?

After getting a clearance from your Doctor, you may start with cardiovascular exercises, such as, walking, swimming, or riding a bicycle. You have to, first of all, do these, because you need to burn all the fat you had gained during pregnancy. And these are low impact exercises that would be gentle with your condition.

As your body progresses in healing, you may start to take an aerobics class, or jog. It is recommended to start with a 30-minute session, 3 times in a week. Then you can gradually increase your sessions to four times in a week. You might as well include using your baby’s jogging stroller, by pushing it. These are effective ways to lose fat all over the body.

Then What Next? The Bridge!

Yes, the bridge is a type of exercise that is gentle on the stomach yet effective in toning the ab. It does not put excess strain on the stitches of the C-Section, thereby making bridgeit the most recommendable exercise to be performed by women that had undergone C-Section.

This is done by lying on your back  with your feet flat on the floor. Your legs-hip a little bit apart. Let your arms/hands be flat beside your body, with your palms on the floor. Try to lift your buttocks and your middle back off the floor. Be sure you don’t lift your shoulder when lifting your buttocks and your middle back. Hold the position for 10 seconds, then lower the body back to the floor, and repeat five to eight times.

The Lower Abdominal Slide

This is done by lying on your back, with your feet on the floor. While lying on the floor, make sure your lower back is raised a little bit, so that the whole of back don’t get to be flat on the floor. Place your hands on your pelvis, and then slowly, with controlled motion slide your leg straight out and back again to it initial position. Do same to the other leg, and repeat three to five times on each of the leg.

This is said to be beneficial for new moms after C-Section, because it impacts the lower abdominal muscles, which are affected by an operation.

Forward Bend

This is done by standing with your feet a little bit apart. Lift your arms straight over your head and bend your body forward to a 90 degree position. Hold the position for like 10 seconds, and then get back to your standing position(upright). Do make sure that, your back is flat as possible. Repeat four to eight times.

This  exercise helps to strengthen the stomach muscles, and you can perform this the entire day.


I had to put this article together because a woman asked me one time, what kind of exercises should i recommend to her, since she had a C-Section. At that time, I could not give a detailed response due to the fact I had no answers, but instead referred her to another site that might help her.

I hope you find these exercises helpful. If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to comment on the comment box below.

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16 thoughts on “Ab Exercises After C-Section-Getting Back Your Flat Stomach”

  1. Exercise after having a c-section is very important, because you have to strengthen the muscles that was cut. If this is not done the mother will have problems with belly fat and increased waste size.
    The website is informative and great photos.
    The Bridge Exercise makes a great deal of sense, never really heard of it before.
    All the best.

    1. Thank you Islandcat7.

      You are right, if a mother that had a c-section does not exercise, there is the tendency that she might have a belly fat.

  2. I think it is very important for women to do this after they have given birth. I know another way to do the bridge. You lie with your stomach on the floor and then you make your body level with your elbows on the ground.

    Do you think this exercise is also good for women?

    1. Thank you Viljoen,

      I am not sure that is ‘bridge’ kind of exercise. However, the recommended one is best for women who have undergone c-section.

  3. Donald Ostrander

    I like your progressive approach, taking it easy at first. I have a few friends who have recently went through child birth, and I have recommended your site to them. It is good that you focus on useful info. If you do a google search you will find plenty of sites offering nothing. Good stuff

  4. I think these are great for any mother who’s just given birth, with or without a c-section. I find using bent knee ankle taps on your back and calm and very helpful too.

  5. Interesting article and makes a lot of sense. I don’t know anyone who has had a c section done, but I’m sure this would also be useful for many women after pregnancy to get back to where they were before having a baby

    1. That’s right Vince, it will surely help women who had undergone c-section and even the ones that delivered the traditional way.

  6. This is awesome info. Been doing some research on behalf of a friend who’s just had a C Section… will pass this on to her. Thanks 🙂

  7. This is really important for woman who try to stay fit and end up having to go through this procedure. I have several close friends that feel like they can’t do anything for themselves after this procedure. Seriously, thank you for this information. I’m going to bookmark this and give it to a couple of my friends that have had c-sections. I used to work out with a couple of them back in high school, and I know how much they care about keeping their body healthy. Again, thank you!

    1. Thanks Nathan,

      You must have done a great deal, if you introduce them to this article. It’s just like saying that they could live again.

  8. Thank you so much much for writing this nice web page of abs training after a
    “C Section”Its nice to have a guy interested in such a topic, that concerns women. Certainly a nice niche article.

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