1. Maria

    Thank you for this valuable information.
    I personally don’t have need for weight lose but my mom does and in fact she has tried different diet pills too. None of them helped her lose weight and luckily she did quit taking them early enough, to not get addiction or some of those serious side effects. Now she is losing weight eating healthy and doing more exercises, just like you advice on your post.
    I wanted to ask one thing though. Are diet pills that contains only natural ingredients also dangerous?
    Thank you!

    • Thank you Maria,

      You said ‘natural’ ingredients right? Is it one that is right for human consumption? Are you 100% sure that the ingredients are herbs and good for human consumption? If you can truly answer these questions satisfactorily, then you will know the answer to your question.

      Best way to go is exercise and eating fresh fruits and veggies. For those that may want to juice their veggies and fruits here is a good juicing machine that may be of help. HERE is also a cardio machine that could help you shed those unwanted weight without so much hassle.

  2. robert lawrence

    Great article and really nice writing style. It was very easy to read. I haven’t done a lot of research on diet pills but I always just assumed they are not good for our health. I personally would never take them.

    After reading your article i feel like i have a lot more knowledge and can now better explain myself when telling other people not to take them. Thanks.

    • Hi Robert,

      You are welcome. It is our duty to bring to light the truth, so that people that don’t know may know and be equipped with the right information. I am glad that you found this article interesting.

  3. Benjamin

    Wow, I knew weight-loss pills were bad for you, but I had no idea to this extent! I’ll avoid them like the plague! Crazy to think they were addictive! They already prey on the desperate like you said…that’s insane! I’m glad there’s information like this out there to protect people that are worried about their health!


    • Hello Benjamin,

      It’s crazy indeed, most of the weight loss pills we have in the market is either not effective or effective and dangerous or even both. Be smart and make the right decision.

  4. Hi Nnamdi,

    There’s a reason the diet industry is a multi-billion a year business. And it’s because people are looking for short cuts, miracles if you will.

    Most people have no interest in putting in the effort to get into shape and get healthy. It’s taken them years to get in poor health but they expect to get back into shape in a matter of months, it’s ridiculous really.

    So people will resort to diet pills, none of which work for the long term or at all.

    Until a person makes a complete shift in their thinking and stops chasing one useless diet after another, and makes the switch to creating and maintain a complete healthy lifestyle.

    And understanding that this is a lifestyle not a temporary fix like a diet, they will never loose weight for the long term, they will always be on the hamster wheel of endless dieting and if they dare to – take dangerous and in some cases life threatening diet pills.

    Great post


    • That’s right Leo, I am glad we are on the same page on this. People often times go for the short cut instead of using the appropriate channel in achieving weight loss.

  5. Interesting post – I never thought that weight loss pills could actually be that harmful, I thought the majority of them were just some kind of herbal supplement that may not really do much at all. But yes, I guess it can’t be healthy to drop weight that fast! Seems like the only way to really do it right is through good old fashioned exercise!

    • Hello Jolie,

      This so called herbal supplement, how sure are you that the content is 100% herbs? They often give a false declaration of the content, that’s the problem. Weight loss is best approached through healthy eating and exercise, make it a way of life.

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