1. hi Nnamdi!
    Yeah the recipe to losing weight is not that complicated. You hit all the key points with age, genetics, gender, sedentary lifestyle and eating habits. I am an exercise nut, well some would say I am. I need daily exercise. To feel good, to feel like myself, to have time to myself. When I work out, it is my time. My time to think about things, or nothing at all. My personal time. And it is how I release stress. Would not give it up for anything!

    • Hello Emily, really happy for you, because should everyone cultivate that kind of lifestyle, obesity will not be overwhelming in the society today.

  2. Marant

    So true that drinking lots of water helps us lose unwanted pounds. I used to drink diet sodas all the time, but never lost and actually gained weight with them. Now its water all the time, and some unsweetened tea! Great Article!


    • We under estimate the power of water, but water is very powerful and healthy too.

  3. Janelle

    Hi. You are right. I’ve noticed that I have put on weight since I changed work from a physical Job on my feet all day to a desk job.
    Even though I eat healthy, I still gained weight.
    Guess I need to ‘move it ‘ some more.

    Thanks for the info.

    • Sure Janelle, it is not always enough doing only a part of what should be done. You have got to be committed in doing all of them in order to stay fit.

  4. Chris Evans

    In this day and age I’m afraid a huge number of weight problems are down to lack of exercise. I know gender etc can play a part but laziness in the population is getting worse by the day. About 5 years back I realized my lazy lifestyle was catching up with my stomach so I took up running. Lost all the weight and I’ve never put it back on!
    Get moving people!!!

    • Lol, Chris you are indeed kind of funny, but that is the truth. You decided to shed those weight that was building around your stomach, and you did just that. So, anyone going through weigh gain problem can as well take control if they have the right information and the right mind frame.

  5. Fernando

    A thorough explanation why someone still gains weight so fast. Some complained that they already eat less amount of food but still gain weight. Usually, this has something to do with their genes but they at least avoid this by eating healthy food and proper exercise. This is a problem that must be addressed as more and more people are becoming obese and, as a result, may suffer from certain diseases.

    • Yes Fernando, this obesity is a problem that should be addressed. And we are also doing our best to bring information to help people realize how to prevent and lose weight.

  6. Hi!

    I like your article. It reminded me of my aunt who suffered from obesity for years, until she met someone who found out she was not eating the right food for her metabolism.
    My aunt had been on a diet most of her life, eating vegetable and fruit all the time and yet gaining weight… She felt desperate, really depressed.
    The doctor she saw told her there were bacterias in her stomach that made her fat, BECAUSE she was eating so much vegetable and fruit! So she changed her diet to an appropriate one, based on mushrooms and other things I can’t remember lol and she started loosing weight very quickly!
    So do not despair people, there’s always a solution ! =)
    Well done, very thorough article!
    Cheers =)

    • Thank you Sarah, this is yet another way of contributing to the post. And I can understand that your aunt is an elderly person, since you mentioned metabolism. This is always associated to older people. I am glad she found a solution to her problem eventually.

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