1. hi there!
    I think you have provided for sure essential exercises to get your heart rate elevated and some muscle tone. Those are all important exercises that target different groups of muscles. And they are all easy to do anywhere! I have tried them all, at home, at the gym or in a hotel room. Using our body as resistance is always effective

  2. James

    Love the videos. Made it really easy to get right to work.

    • Yes,that’s the idea behind this article,to make it easy. Thanks anyway for appreciating.

  3. Jeanette

    I understand that this may have been written with speed but I would like to point out a couple of things.
    1) Content is good and so are the ‘videos’.
    2) I think you should read through your paragraphs slowly as some of your punctuation needs spacing and capitalized. Near the beginning you mention “sitting on a something” and where you speak of ‘squats’ you could change ‘while you are at it’ to ‘at the same time’.
    3) If you are quoting someone, it might be better if you put that into speech marks.
    4) Under the heading ‘Super-man Back Extensions’ you use a phrase… ‘for like’. This would read better if you used the word ‘about’.

    Keep up the good content and good punctuation…along with good visuals and you are sure to go far.

    (affectionately know to my kids as ‘The Grammar Natzi’)

    • Thank you Jeanette for your observations and commendations. I really do appreciate. Thanks

  4. Betsy

    Great videos! This is a great site for days that I can’t make it to the gym.

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