Proform Hybrid Elliptical Trainer-Most Affordable and Two In One Machine

If you are looking for something that could give you the worth of your money and even Proform Hybrid Elliptical Trainermore, then I will suggest the Proform Hybrid Elliptical Trainer. Why? I will give three reasons;

  • It is affordable
  • Can be used as a recumbent bike
  • Can be used as an Elliptical machine

Now, I don’t want to sound like a salesman, but I can’t help but point out all of these out, because those are facts. Some may think it is too early in a review to start selling or recommending a product, without going further to explain why the product is worth buying. Don’t go anywhere because I intend to do just that, by explaining further.

Two In One Machine

Like I earlier mentioned, this machine has two in one functionality which makes it differentProform Hybrid Elliptical Trainer from the conventional elliptical trainer. It can be used both as a recumbent bike and elliptical trainer at an affordable price. People that enjoy mixing up their workouts but cannot afford to buy separate machines as a result of low budget or lack of space to store them would really appreciate the Proform Hybrid Elliptical Trainer.

The pedals could be used as an elliptical or recumbent bike.

Very Affordable

I need to restate its affordability considering the fact it has two functionalities of two typical separate machines. Indeed, it is a machine for low budget individuals that still want to get the value for their money.

Beautiful Display Features

With this LCD window, you will be able to know your workout progress as the information will boldly be displayed on it. The calories burned, distance traveledProform Hybrid Elliptical Trainer, time and heart rate (if you use the heart rate hand grips) will all be there for you to see while working out.

Target Pacer

This is one feature that will definitely be cherished by all, after all, we work out to get a result, often times we set goal. The Proform Hybrid Elliptical Trainer has this feature that will enable you to know your speed and which speed limit will help you to achieve your goal.

Therefore, for those looking to lose weight or training for a race, this could be just for you.

Proform Hybrid Elliptical Trainer For U.K Customers

Down Side

This review will be incomplete without looking at the downside of this machine. No matter how cool something is, there must be a downside, nothing is ever perfect, right?

OK, this machine has some missing features in its console, such as a reading rack one can use to put things like a book, phone, or magazine while working out and a chest heart rate sensor, which many believe to be a reliable alternative to the heart rate hand grip. Most elliptical machines have these features but the Proform Hybrid Elliptical Trainer does not have them. In addition to these, it does not have a built-in fan on the console.

Therefore, for those that will like to do some hands-free workout (they be unable to read their heart rate) or read a magazine while working out, then this may be a problem for them.

No Incline

Most elliptical machines have the ability to incline, which gives the users the opportunity to add some degree of difficulty in their workouts in order to achieve greater results. This could be a big disappointment to some people; nevertheless here is another elliptical machine that may serve that purpose.

No Entertainment Features

Unlike some elliptical trainers and treadmills that come with some entertainment features, it is not the same with this elliptical trainer. Some would like to listen to music while working out, but they will be missing that using this equipment. It does not have any form of a speaker and inbuilt music port where you can plug in your digital music device to play music.

So, if you like having fun in form of listening to music while working out, then this machine may be a disappointment to you. Here is one that has more advanced features including music port.

Poor Warranties

One problem users of this machine may be facing is spending money on it when it breaks down, simply because the warranties are extremely limited. However, there are other machines with better warranties out there.


Maximum weight allowed is 350 pounds

The Product weight is 145 pounds

Product length is 63’’

Product width is 26’’

Resistance: 16 levels

Stride length level is 15’’


Frame- 5-year warranty

Electronic- 90-day warranty

Parts and Labor- 90-day warranty


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