1. NetworkSP

    Hi Nnamid. Great review. As a fitness freak myself although i do not have a bike machine in my home i do use bike machines regular in the gym. I do actually know this make but did not know they have been around for the last century and a half. Good education.


  2. niki

    well, i can say only one thing.
    I do love product, and I can say based on my experience cycling at home can help you lose a lot of weight. Of course following by healthy eating. And for people, like me, who doesn’t like running is a great solution.

  3. Michael

    This would be a great addition to anyone’s home gym. It looks great and, from the sound of it, has some great features. Although it seems a bit high in price, when you look at what all it offers you have to wonder why they don’t charge more. Not that we want them too.

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Michael, you have already said it is a bit high in price but after seeing the features you wonder why it does not cost more. However, I think it is still good at what it’s being sold at now, this will enable folks with intentions of acquiring one to get it.

  4. Alan

    Thanks for reviewing the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

    Its interesting that it has several levels of resistance as it may come in handy
    for doing cardio as for working out legs depending on what your need is.
    Also good to know that it isn’t too heavy to carry around.

    One question though , can you change the inclination and position of the seat?

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Alan for the visit. And yes, you can adjust the seat depending on the body size…

  5. Mike

    Hi thanks for this great review – I’m interested in building a home gym and would look at something like this along with adding some other machines. The price point looks good, but I’m wondering if you know if this model is available to people in the UK at all?
    Thanks again, Mike

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