WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine Ash Wood S4 Monitor

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine Ash Wood S4 Monitor

Since rowing has been seen and recognized as one of the best aerobic, the manufacturer
of WaterrowerNatural Rowing Machine Ash Wood S4 Monitor has gone further to design this unit in such a way that you will also have a feel of a real rowing hence the word ‘’natural’’ was coined in its name. So, even though many rowing machine lovers may say Concept2 Rower rocks they may as well say WaterRower Natural Rowing Ash Wood S4 rocks too because of it exceptional handcrafted design.

The reason for anyone to love this unit is obvious; it has a handcrafted frame out of ash wood with this water drum that bellies the flywheel which gives the feel of a real rowing boat. This also works on your arms and back muscles like no other rowing machine. One other thing that makes this machine to stand out is the fact that it has no resistance adjustment. The only adjustment there is, is that the faster you row the harder or greater the resistance, just like when you are using a real boat on a lake somewhere.

You will also get to hear the splash of the water while you are working out with the WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine Ash Wood S4 Monitor. We also understand that rowing with this unit gives you the experience of a very smooth rowing and the seat cannot be more comfortable. As a matter of fact, many have confessed not to have known how hard they have been working out until they got off the rower, thanks to the comfy seat and smooth rowing.

That being said, some tall users have complained that the footrest is a little bit WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine Ash Wood S4 Monitoruncomfortable given the fact that the two footrests are close to each other causing the knees to be knocking each other, can be really annoying I can imagine. However, this may not be a reason not to buy this unit, but I thought I should let my readers know about the possibility of that happening, though.

In order to maintain the water in the tank/container and preventing it from going green, you are expected to pour water purifier from time to time. It is also great for people that have limited space or accommodation because you can always store the unit vertically when not in use.

S4 Monitor

It has this monitor that displays all the workout data such as the workout intensity, stroke WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine Ash Wood S4 Monitorrate, zone bar, heart rate, duration, and distance. It does not come with a heart rate chest strap; even though in my opinion, it should be one of the stuff that anyone should be getting alongside with the unit since this is one of the high-end rowing machines. Nevertheless, it is compatible with a chest strap which you must purchase separately.

If this is any consolation, we discovered that you can plug in the monitor to a PC and view a virtual boat moving along the water. You can race against yourself (against your previous training sessions) or race online. Another benefit of using a PC that is worth mentioning is the fact that you will be able to store your training sessions, and the software will help to plan your upcoming workouts for your in order to help you achieve your goals quickly.

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The WaterRower Natural Machine Ash Wood S4 Monitor is indeed one rowing machine you can’t ignore if you love rowing. I know there are things I would have loved to see differently such as making the heart rate chest strap a standard feature, but I think the manufacturer made up for this in other ways too.

To be honest, 90% users found this rowing machine satisfactory and this an indication that it is a good buy. If you wish to see the current price now, head over to the Amazon.

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