Body Rider BR1830 Dual Action Fan Elliptical Trainer-Review

The Body Rider BR1830 Dual Action Fan Elliptical Trainer provides or presents an opportunity to those that wish to own an elliptical trainer but don’t have enough funds. This unit is a good buy going by its price and features. Click here to see the current price. I know that there is exercise equipment that is cheap to the point that it reflects on the quality, but not the case with Body Rider BR1830 Dual Action Fan Elliptical Trainer. Therefore, you will be getting affordability and durability.

However, you don’t expect to get all the sophisticated features found in high-end equipment because it only has the basics which in my opinion will suffice for people that would really want to keep or maintain physical fitness. Like I said, its features are very basic and limited but offer the training set for a cardio workout.


  • Space Saver– If one of your worries is also the issue of accommodation or spaceBody Rider BR1830 Dual Action Fan Elliptical Trainer-Review
    where you can store an elliptical, then thanks to this unit because it is very compact and electricity-free that does not require power to function.
  • Patented Design– It has got this patented design that was made to allow users to work on their upper and lower body without any impact or stress on the knees, joints, and hips. You may know that elliptical trainers generally are known for their low impact.
  • Adjustable Resistance– With the price of this unit one might actually think that it will not have resistance in its features but as I said, it has all the basic and essential features that would allow you to achieve your fitness or weight loss goal. Therefore, it comes with an adjustable resistance that can be adjusted through the friction knob. I hope we all know what this means? This means that users can challenge themselves in order to increase their chances of burning more calories within a shortBody Rider BR1830 Dual Action Fan Elliptical Trainer-Review period of time.
  • Workout Video– A workout video is included to guide users on how to use and benefit more from this unit.
  • Chain Driven Fan– It has got a chain-driven fan resistance that does not only make sure that your workout is challenging when you want it but it also runs smoothly and quietly. So, there is no issue of any noise that might be disturbing you from listening to that good music or your favorite TV show or even disturbing the family or neighbors.
  • Steel Frame– When I said earlier that Body Rider BR1830 Dual Action Fan Elliptical Trainer is a cheap machine that does not imply that it is also made from cheap materials. The manufacturer also had quality in mind even when they tried to make it affordable. The frame is made of steel which means durability.Body Rider BR1830 Dual Action Fan Elliptical Trainer-Review
  • Motion Handlebars– these provide upper and lower body workout.
  • Console/Monitor– This unit, despite its affordability it has got a monitor that would allow the user(s) to monitor their workout progress which is essential to motivation that would ultimately lead to achieving the objective of working out. With the monitor, the user will be able to view and monitor the distance, speed, time, and calories burned for every session.
  • Lightweight– It weighs about 58 pounds, which makes it easier to be moved around and for storage.
  • Dimensions– 25’’ L X 9’’ W X 36’’ H, very compact for small space apartment.
  • Supports 250 pounds user weight.
  • Warranty– 1 Year for the frame and 90 days for the parts.

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What is not so good about the Body Rider BR1830 Dual Action Fan Elliptical Trainer is thatBody Rider BR1830 Dual Action Fan Elliptical Trainer-Review several reviewers think that there is something wrong with the foot pedals that make it very difficult for some individuals to pedal.  They say that the foot pedal is so sloppy that they feel as though they are running down the hill or better still wearing a high heel shoe.

This also defeats the impact the resistance would have had on the body because it appears as though it sabotages the effort put into the workout.


This unit is still a good buy especially when you are not ready to buy something on a higher budget. Honestly, I never expected this to perfect, did you? Even the most expensive units still have their downsides and you will most definitely expect some downsides as well with a low budget unit such as this. The question is, do you really need something that will keep that body of yours in physical fitness? Do you find the aforementioned cons as a problem you can put up with?  If you will honestly answer these two questions then you will be able to make an informed decision.

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