1. Tracy

    This is good information to help build muscle. It looks like you will get a good workout from performing these exercises. I will bookmark this site. Thanks!

    • admin

      Am flattered. But seriously i am really happy and encouraged by your comment. Thanks very much for the comment.

  2. Greg Pyles

    Wow! Good job on laying out a weight training workout. This would be easy for someone to follow, very precise and well written. Nice website.

    • admin

      I could’t have done it without the likes of you telling us we could do better. Thanks man.

  3. Excellent! Just what I was looking for;) I have been getting bored of my current workout routine and this is a great way to shake things up a bit! Great Advice on exercise, Looks like an well rounded exercise that will possibly help me achieve the perfect body. I know I am not perfect right now, but I’m so close it scares me;-P

    Thanks for the workout tips;)

    • admin

      Lol, thanks man,you will be perfect if you press on,though some have the belief that there is no such thing as ‘perfect’ but we do.

  4. Kinya

    Nice, detailed article. But reading these instructions can get confusing for some people. May I suggest you post videos about how to do the exercises properly? You can find a ton of them on YouTube.

    You don’t have to post them all at once either. You can use them for seperate articles, and make this one an overall guide.

    Just a suggestion. Great site.

    • admin

      Thank you dear,i am very pleased with your comment because is recommending and constructive.

      Thank you again.

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