Marcy NS-1000 Fan Bike Review

The Marcy NS-1000 Fan Bike is an affordable air bike available. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most inexpensive bikes available and on top of that has got some great features that could make it contest with the likes of Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B2640 Air Bike Trainer despite the latter is slightly expensive. However, you can still look up the review of the Sunny Health and Fitness Air bike anyway.

This unit could be an ideal bike for those that are on a budget and still wish to workout at home with something like this. As inexpensive as it is you don’t have to be paying for that gym membership anymore, you don’t have to go to the gym when it is not convenient and you neither have to work out outdoor during a bad weather too. This will save you a lot of troubles and money as well but let us look at what it is made of and the features it possesses.


 The Frame

The frame of the Marcy NS-1000 Fan Bike is made of steel tubing and very sturdy even though it is a basic bike. TheMarcy NS-1000 Fan Bike Review frame is also coated with anti-corrosion paint that would preserve it from rust. The length is about 45’’ and the width is 26’’. It supports up to 250 pounds maximum user weight. Apparently, this is a compact bike that is great for those that may have a problem with space in the apartment or the room. Nevertheless, you will require a couple of feet clearance around the unit in order to work out conveniently without hindrance.

It stability during workout comes with the fact that the unit is close to the ground with great front stabilizer bar, and a rear base tube that is curved in a manner that will give the machine further stability it requires.

It is also a light machine when fully assembled with a total weight of about 58 pounds pretty much a lightweight for most people to handle. The assembly is not difficult also considering that the major components are delivered pre-assembled.

The Seat

The seat is a standard one with the surface slightly contoured. Certainly, it is not the most comfortable bike seat but it is still better than most bike seat in its category.  The common complaint about the seat is the fact that it is a little hard which you could use a gel seat cover to make it feel better if that becomes a problem.

The seat is also adjustable which means you can adjust the seat to fit or suit you when working out. It has been confirmed that folks of 6 feet have no problem working out with the bike comfortably. The adjustment can only be done upward or downward but unfortunately, cannot go fore/aft just like what is obtainable in high-end air bikes. The seat adjustment has several holes that could give different sizes ranging from 34’’ at its highest from the floor level and 26’’ at its lowest from the floor level.

The Handlebars

It possesses rather simple curvy handlebars with good grips covered with a layer of foam. The handlebars are always Marcy NS-1000 Fan Bike Reviewmoving as long as the pedal is in motion, which means it is not adjustable and can neither be locked to be still. However, there is one thing that may be considered not very important but worthy of mentioning which is the foot peg for resting feet. This feature is mostly found on other bikes but absent in this unit which is a drawback because it provides the ability to conveniently rest the feet when a user wishes to work out with the handlebars alone without pedaling for upper body effect.

The Drive and Resistance

There are usually two types of drives which are the chain drive that is associated with air bikes and belt drive that is associated with magnetic resistance bikes. Obviously, in this case, our bike the Marcy NS-1000 Fan Bike has a chain drive system which is a little bit noisy when compared with the belt drive system and may require maintenance periodically by applying oil on it.

However, the advantage of the chain drive system is that it is durable and is available in just about any bike shop for a replacement. Chain drive is responsible for the transmission between the pulley and flywheel fan and the air bike. The flywheel fan is responsible for generating resistance and a good one, however, the fan on this unit is much smaller than the ones on other air bikes and therefore the resistance generation will not be as strong as the ones that have bigger fans but it still generates decent resistance.

The air fan bike generates resistance when the bike is in motion oppose to magnetic upright bikes that use belt drive system such as the ProGear 225 Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike. The Marcy NS-1000 Fan resistance increases dynamically; what this means is that the higher the intensity of your workout the higher the resistance and when the workout is less vigorous the resistance also reduces. However, it has an adjustable resistance knob that offers the opportunity to regulate your workout intensity to a variety of levels.

The other aspect is the fact that the fan ordinarily makes some noise when in use or in motion and it is encased in a metallic guard, it also generates air current that is channeled at the user as well. Just to be clear, the noise that emanates from the fan is not any close to unbearable.

The pedals are plastics but made from heavy-duty plastic material and of course, have standard threads that make replacement possible because they are available almost in any bike store.

The Console/Monitor

This bike has a basic monitor that allows you to track your workout progress by displaying workout data such as the time, distance, total distance, speed, and calories burned. It also has a Scan Function that enables you to view all the workout data one at a time, and it does this rotationally.  However, the calories burned data display may not be totally accurate because the current resistance setting cannot correlate the consoles’ calorie tracking.

The other setback about the Marcy NS-1000 Fan Bike is the fact that it does not have the ability to read your heart rate. It is not equipped in any way to read or display your pulse rate; with the absence of this feature, you will not be enabled to know and maintain your target heart rate zone while working out.

Although, it has a feature called target settings that will allow you to set a target for time, calories and distance by simply selecting a target value for any of these workout data and let the meter to countdown from the value to zero.

There are 3 buttons, namely, SET, MODE, and RESET on the console. The SET button enables you to set a target goal for distance, time, or calories, while the MODE button allows you to toggle ON and OFF function, be able to choose a particular workout data to be displayed at all times and finally, while the RESET button just as the name implies allows you to reset all the values on the console to zero or kind of start afresh.  The console uses two 2.5V AAA batteries which are not included upon purchasing the unit. The console also has a sleep mode that turns it off when the bike is inactive for 4 minutes, this is to save battery life.


  • It has got transportation wheels that make relocation or storage easy
  • It has got adjustable levelers on the rear base
  • It has got mobile handlebars that is great for upper body workouts
  • It is sturdy and durable because of the frame that is made of steel tubing and can support about 250 pounds maximum user weight
  • It has got an adjustable seat that allows folks of different sizes to fit in.
  • It has a dynamic resistance that is also adjustable which not common with other air bikes
  • It emanates less noise
  • It requires little and periodic maintenance
  • It has a faction such as target settings for workout goals.
  • It has a console that helps you track and display your workout data such as distance, total distance, speed, and calories.
  • Pretty easy to assemble


  • It does not include heart rate sensors, which means it cannot track or display your heart rate data.
  • The seat could be a little bit hard for some individuals.
  • The monitor is a non-backlit type, therefore, cannot view or see workout data in the dark.
  • There are not foot rest pegs that allow user to rest the feet while working out with the handlebars alone.

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Product Dimensions

  • 45’’ Length
  • 75’’ Width
  • 75’’ Height
  • It weighs about 58 pounds
  • Supports 250 pounds maximum user weight


  • 2 Years limited warranty for parts alone and do not cover labor

Shipping, Assembly, and Maintenance

Shipping cost of the Marcy NS-1000 Fan Bike depends on where you are purchasing the product from. Amazon ships this product for free but that may not be the case with other retailers.

Assembly is pretty much easy because it comes with the major components preassembled. On top of that, it is accompanied by an instruction manual that could walk you through the process of assembly without much hassle.

The major part that requires maintenance in this air bike is the chain drive which is also lubricated from the factory, however, you will need to lubricate it periodically, and every 6 months will be just fine.  Aside from that, you just need to keep on checking the bolts for anyone that requires tightening, clean and dust the unit all the time too.


The Marcy Fan Exercise Bike is great for offering full body workout. Unlike the magnetic upright bike, It offers the opportunity to work on the upper and lower body muscle groups. It has got features that make achieving your fitness goals possible such as the unique air resistance system that is also adjustable so that you can work out with a tailored resistance that suits you.

Moreover, it is inexpensive with appealing features.