Best Way to Lose Belly Fat for Men

One thing about belly fat is that it really puts you out of shape, and I mean both physically and health-wise. You will naturally have a self-confidence issue even when you are trying not to. You don’t like looking in the mirror because you won’t like what you would be seeing, right? If you’re around the ladies, you will be thinking, ‘’she is looking at my fat belly’’. And to be honest, most women are turned off by it and children may likely ask you if you have a child in there.

And in terms of health, you will have difficulty sleeping, because your lower back would be hurting and your knees would be in pains when you are exercising. Worst still, your stomach is like a different organ which releases substances to the rest of the body, if in excess, increases the risk of disease, I hope you know that.

Now the best way to lose belly fat for men is not by doing crunches because I have observed that over the years and concluded that crunches won’t reduce fat but will strengthen your stomach muscles. Doing tons of sit ups won’t burn fat let alone spot reducing belly fat. Therefore, you are to need more in order to get rid of that belly fat.

Strength Training

You have to engage in strength training which would prevent muscle loss and also help fat loss. Strength training such dead lift and squat would surely help you in reducing the belly fat, because they will allow you to stress your body with heavy weights, as a result working all your muscles from head to toe. These will even make you stronger as you build muscles and lose belly fat

Stay Away From Junk foods

Healthy eating has always had a major role in getting that body of yours built the way youBest way to lose belly fat for men want it. When you are inclined to junk foods, what you will simply get is excess fat. Then you have some fat that would make their abode in the stomach area.
Foods such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage, salad, kale, etc, these are the vegetable categories. Then for protein, try something like Meat, poultry, fish, cottage cheese, eggs, etc. For fruits; banana, orange, apple, pears, pineapple, etc are great. Carbs; Brown rice, oats, whole grain, pasta, etc are also fine foods. And healthy fat foods such as olive oil, real butter, nuts flax seeds, etc are great foods to consider.

What about That Alcohol?

Mate, you have to forget about taking alcohol if you are really serious in losing belly fat. Most often, our image such as our physical look portrays our way of life, i.e what we eat, how active we are and so on and so forth. Therefore, it will suffice to say is what you get inside your body that manifests outwardly.

If you can’t stop the consumption of beer and sweet alcohols entirely then try to reduce it to a minimal level, even though the other part of me wants to say stop it entirely. Why is it that beer drinkers always have a queer shape, (fat belly and man breast)? They tend to have this type of physique especially when they get older. And moreover, did you know that beer drinkers are stressing their livers with toxins to clean than people that don’t? And this can actually get in the way of building that body.

How much alcohol should I take you might ask, well if you can’t entirely stop you may take 10% of the time, especially on weekends. Do not drink to stupor and always use water with squeezed lemon or green tea.

Take Fewer Carbs

You should take fewer carbs because you need them for energy, but eating way more of carbs is where the problem is because all the excess carbs in the body would be stored as fat and this will often settle around the stomach. Therefore, lower your carbs intake and up your fruits and veggies intake, that’s the formula.

And another idea Is to eat these carbs (Brown rice, potatoes, pasta, bread, etc) after workouts because this time your body will be hungry and will be in a state of recovery and healing.

The thing is that eating lots of healthy foods won’t really make you fat if you are exercising because you need them as you expend the energy during exercises; moreover, healthy fats promote weight loss. And if you starve the body after exercising it will start to feed on the muscles which will leave you skinny.

Eat More of Protein and Fat

Protein has a higher thermic effect more than other foods because the body uses more Best way to lose belly fat for menenergy to process proteins and that is why it is great for burning that belly fat.

Eating healthy fat is good for the body because it does not make you fat, but junk carbs and sugar do. Healthy fat will help the body to lose belly fat instead if you continue to supply it with a healthy fat such as fish oil. Testosterone levels in the body are increased by fish oil which ultimately loses belly fat. Taking 6 grams of omega-3 each day could be a very good start.

The fat you should avoid like a plague is fat from products like the margarine; it is regarded as trans-fatty fat which is the bad fat.

Be Motivated

It can be discouraging when you look at yourself in the mirror and all you see is a body that is influenced by wrong food intake, water retention, but all that could be inaccurate until you started using something like fat caliper to measure your skin fat every two weeks. It doesn’t have to be correct but what matters is that it is showing sign of going down.

Measure your waist every two weeks to see the effect of your effort in losing belly fat; you can also take a picture of you too to compare with the previous one. All these will give you a clue if you are doing just fine in the fight against belly fat, which will motivate you once you started seeing positive results.


Please do not just read this article and leave without taking action, because merely reading and not taking action will definitely not help you. Just go ahead and believe in yourself because you can do it and start losing that belly fat today.


  1. Nate


    Great Post, I couldn’t agree more about upping your protein and fat intake (while reducing your carbs) to take a slimmer stomach.

    I’ve been on my health kick the last year and have a four pack (go me!), I’m still trying to get a six pack and having to overhaul my diet some more. You got any diets for this you can recommend?

  2. Sylvester

    Damn, I was fearing that you´d recommend weight training. More often than not, I find this step to be very hard to keep motivated at. Usually, I go training for a month or so, and then it becomes really boring. 🙁

    Do you think I would be able to get rid of my belly fat by following all the other advice, except for weight lifting, and maybe taking a couple of running trips or long walks, or is weight training really important?

    Thanks in advance – if weight training is what it takes, then I´ll have to think about how to find the motivation for it.

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Sylvester, who would be doing solely cardio without engaging in some kind of strength training? Do you want to end up with feeble muscles and not strong muscles? I guess you would prefer to have a strong muscles even as you lose your belly fat. You have got to balance your workout in order to achieve a positive result. Do find some motivation to engage in strength training mate…

  3. andrea

    Bodybuilder always says that the 90% of the abdominal are made in the kitchen.
    A free alcohol high protein diet ( Vegan or not) creates the conditions to loose fat in the specific area where junk food and long nights at the pub are sit very comfortably.

    A health life style plus the right strategy and motivation are the key to a dramatic change in the belly area, well, in all the areas.

  4. raymond

    Thank you for the interesting post. Now I feel guilty about the alcohol part. Hehe… It’s really hard to avoid it if one is in a social gathering with friends who loves to drink and sing karaoke. But yeah, you’re right about alcohol being damaging to the liver.
    I make sure I vomit those out if I have a bit more than I should drink.

    Oh yeah please kindly fix a typo error I spotted at the first part, “she is looking at by fat belly’


    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Raymond for drawing my attention to the typo error, it’s been corrected.

      Alcohol consumption is mostly responsible for belly fat and other health issues, therefore, you may want to cut down on your intake if not totally quitting.

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