1. Joe Werner

    Really like your site layout, easy to navigate.

    I would say that you have kept your self in shape. I’ve found exercise to be the primary reason for my staying in relative good physical shape. Arthritis has become a problem, but that is to age.

    Joe (Old Geezer)

  2. Overeating is definitely related to emotions. I often eat when I am bored, or just want to get the pleasure of flavors. I am not overweight but I can understand the desire to eat.

  3. Ty Jord

    I’ve been looking for some info related tie this for quite a while now, thanks so much for sharing this, will head on over and check it out.

    Best wishes.

  4. Jason

    You offer a great review on that book. It seems to be what I need right now and I may consider getting it. Thank you.

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