breaking free from emotional eating

Breaking Free From Emotional Eating Review-Overcoming Over-eating

breaking free from emotional eatingHello there, I am reviewing this spectacular book written by Geneen Roth, a writer, and a teacher.

Nowadays, there is emotional eating related weight gain among so many individuals around the world. This emotional eating is widely caused by depression or stress. Sometimes it comes as a depression or stress caused by work-related issues, financial problems and so on and so forth. However, emotional eating is also a psychological problem that is affecting the individual in a most profound way. What this means, is that it will impact the individual’s physical life negatively by gaining weight, which is something anyone that wants to lead a healthy life wouldn’t want.

And therefore, this book will go a long way in helping any person that is having this sort of problem. Many reviews have been made concerning this book (which you will be seeing the screenshots below), and most of them were positive. Most people found it helpful, and some did not. But for the fact it was helpful to most people, that means it is recommendable. After all, you can’t find a stuff that is 100% useful to everyone.

In order to overcome problems like emotional eating, there is the need to have all the arsenals at your disposal to overcome and there is a greater advantage in trying than not trying at all.

What Is The Book All About?

Like I earlier explained, it will show you an outlined way to defeat emotional eating by a proven program for resolving the conflicts at the ‘root’ of over-eating. The Author, Geneen Roth, offers simple yet effective techniques developed in her highly successful seminars, paperback she delivers practical, reassuring advice.

What Is The Cost?

The paperback type is $12.71, but it is subject to change.



To corroborate what I have just said concerning this book, I took the liberty of including some screenshots of reviews done by actual users. And many of these reviews were amazingly positive, however, there were some that did not find it helpful, but these numbers were very few. But it is essential that I noted that out so that you will know that it may not be helpful to you.

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Therefore, if you wish to grab a copy, click here.

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  1. Really like your site layout, easy to navigate.

    I would say that you have kept your self in shape. I’ve found exercise to be the primary reason for my staying in relative good physical shape. Arthritis has become a problem, but that is to age.

    Joe (Old Geezer)

  2. Overeating is definitely related to emotions. I often eat when I am bored, or just want to get the pleasure of flavors. I am not overweight but I can understand the desire to eat.

  3. I’ve been looking for some info related tie this for quite a while now, thanks so much for sharing this, will head on over and check it out.

    Best wishes.

  4. This is a helpful article talking about breaking free from emotional eating. Thanks for the tips and your advice on this topic!!

  5. You offer a great review on that book. It seems to be what I need right now and I may consider getting it. Thank you.

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